1. 20:18 24th Aug 2011

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    Careful pulling your head back in.

    Careful pulling your head back in.

  2. 15:45 16th Jun 2011

    Chell in the rain

    Chell in the rain http://rain.nxe7.com/

    A nice little single-serving site for fans of Portal.


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    This one goes out to Sean…

    Newswordy  http://newswordy.com/

    A site that collects media buzzwords that are frequently used incorrectly.

    But we are a doughty lot here in New England, not ones to let pernicious weather dissuade us from what we want to do.

    Also, irregardless is not a word.

  4. 13:39

    So this is what it’s like… to tumbl…

    This post is a test.

    You fail.